MR. Roofer and siding roofing stress-free lifetime guarantee


At MR. Roofing & Siding, we are confident in the way we do business because our company is built on honesty, integrity, quality and trust. We are sure that the quality of our work is impeccable as well as the skills of our workers. That is why we offer you the MR. Roofing Stress-Free – LIFETIME GUARANTEE. We guarantee our workmanship with a lifetime guarantee (does not include the parameters of normal watering and ownership maintenance). We are the first company in all the province of Ontario to offer its clients such a peace of mind. If during this period, the roof fails due to our workmanship, we will repair the roof at no charge to you. This guarantee applies to newly installed roof systems covering the entire structure and may be limited to the actual roof area. Proof of purchase (a copy of the invoice) is required to qualified for this guarantee.

The roofing products you choose will have a manufacture warranty which we can provide to upon request. It is essential that you keep the warranty card to qualify for any manufacturer warranty. Only the homeowner may apply for the manufacturer warranty. We shall assist in this process if you need a claim, however we cannot act on your behalf to the supplier.

Although we may offer a warranty on repairs to existing roof systems, this warranty shall be on a job by job basis and determined up awarded contract to repair. Lifetime warranty does not apply to such repairs unless otherwise stated.

No more headache , if the roof fails due to our workmanship, we fix it for free. It’s Simple. Easy. Covered. It’s MR. ROOFING.

Don’t hesitate, contact our MR. Roofing expert team today for a FREE QUOTE, information or help about your roofing system and or our ‘’MR. Roofing Hassles Free Lifetime Guarantee’’ (613) 606-5171