Ottawa Cedar Shingle Roof Installation and Repair

Cedar is a well-known tree that exists on many continents. This renewable resource is highly valued for many reasons. For its ornamental tree quality, which is often used in gardens in the form of hedges as well as for its appreciable characteristics highly sought after in construction, the cedar offers an outgoing appearance.

Residential Cedar Roofing Services Ottawa
Residential Cedar Roofing Services Ottawa
Residential Cedar Roofing Services Ottawa

Although there are many different species, two types are more particularly used in construction:

    • Western red cedar also known as Western Red Cedar.
    • Eastern white cedar.

The cedar shingle, white or red, was the favourite for a very long time. Some more modern and less natural products have taken the place with time but with the environmental awareness for ecological products more and more topical, the old materials resurface in the market. This current revival for the cedar shingle is like a return to the sources and ancestral values.

Despite all the modern technological advances, none really managed to mimic the performance and characteristics of the cedar shingle. Composites or plastic can not reproduce the texture, grain and natural variations of cedar. These unique features allow the cedar shingles to take back its nobility slowly but surely as much for their great qualities as for their very elegant natural look giving the owners a very unique residence.  



A roof covered with cedar shingles can easily last for up to half a century provided the installation is adequate and the shingles remain dry at all times prior to installation.

It is essential that air circulation be provided in the installation to reduce moisture, save energy and greatly improve the life of the roof. As the wood expands, it is also essential to leave space between each shingle.

The installation of the cedar shingle is very technical and requires a good knowledge of the product as well as the proper way to install it for each different roof. In order to guarantee better durability, the installation by specialized roofers is strongly recommended, thus increasing the profitability of the product by a longer service life.


Advantages of cedar shingles:


Choosing a cedar shingle roof has many advantages:

      • Easily replaceable shingle if needed (depending on the chosen cedar)
      • Good stability
      • Increased durability
      • Pleasant odor
      • Excellent alternative to treated wood
      • Excellent thermal property
      • Excellent acoustic property
      • Can be nailed without splitting

Resistance to the following elements thanks to its natural oils:

      • Insects
      • Severe weather
      • Mold
      • Rot
      • Retains dye and paint very well (without flaking)

Disadvantages of cedar shingles

Despite all the advantages of cedar shingles and despite its incredible appearance, this type of coating also has some disadvantages to be considered before the final choice of the material to be used for the coating.

      • High Installation Costs
      • Flammable (can increase the cost of home insurance)
      • Not recommended for flat roofs


      • Cedar shingles do not need any preservative due to its exceptional stability and natural oils. Despite this, there are several options for coloring and cleaning.
      • Left to its natural state, the shingle takes a greyish hue over time (depending on the cedar chosen)
      • The dyeing allows it a good impermeability while protecting it from premature aging
      • The varnish can waterproof it in the short term only. The sun quickly tarnishes the finish and the shingle must be protected every 2 to 3 years.
      • Some advocate pressure washing but it is to be used with caution because it can damage the shingle if it is not done adequately. Some factors to consider before using a pressure washer on the cedar shingle:
        • Age and condition of the shingle.
        • Adjustment of pressure per inch according to distance from shingles.
        • Prefer warm water instead of hot water.


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