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Especially used on flat roofs, the roof with membrane elastomer (modified bitumen) has been installed for more than 40 years. The product offers a double layer (bilayer) of membranes fused to each other. Consisting of a base membrane and a finishing membrane with granules, the membrane is very successful because it does not require much maintenance. The elastomer modified bitumen membranes provide a particularly uniform quality. The top layer is made of fine grains of ceramic which creates its color. Some experts insist that a properly secured, well-ventilated membrane will last up to 35 years, with minimal maintenance.

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The advantages of an elastomeric membrane roof

Its durability has made the elastomeric membrane roof an often used product. Recognized for being resistant, it offers consumers a uniform quality and remains according to several professionals, a good investment. Moreover, it would seem that the membrane arises well at all times, during the overwhelming heat of the summer or during the cold of autumn.


The disadvantages of a modified bitumen elastomeric roof

The biggest disadvantage of the elastomeric bitumen membrane is that it is not at all recyclable at the end of its life. More expensive than an asphalt membrane, it makes the consumer hesitate. This type of product also requires enormous energy to be manufactured.


Maintenance of an elastomeric membrane roof

This membrane requires an annual examination. Small steps may be enough to extend the covering of your roof for a few


Elastomeric membrane roofing in brief

Think of decreasing heat islands especially in rural areas. The fine granules available that cover the membrane can be different colors. You can choose a green roof, brown or beige. However, the paler colors make it possible to reflect the sun’s rays and reduce the heating of the membrane. This important detail also extends the service life of the roof.

Used for a long time this type of multilayer coating has a lifespan of about 15 years. Composed of several layers loaded with asphalt, the last of which is covered with gravel, the asphalt and gravel roofing requires maintenance. According to specialists, homeowners who own a roof with asphalt and gravel are doing almost no maintenance. It is for this main reason that the useful life of this coating is shorter. These are often neglected small defects that cause the complete replacement of the roof prematurely.


The advantages of an asphalt and gravel roof

The indisputable advantage of this process is its low cost. In addition, minor repairs can be made to provide some years of durability by adding gravel to targeted locations.


The disadvantages of an asphalt and gravel membrane roof

If the multi-layer membrane is not properly installed, you will have serious complications. This type of roofing requires a lot of maintenance. Its lifespan can be as short as 10 years if it is not well maintained.


Maintenance of an asphalt and gravel roof

Maintenance is the key to success with this type of roofing. To increase its lifespan, it is essential that its worst enemy, the sun, be taken into consideration. To do this you need to make sure that the gravel is in place to protect the membrane from the sun. The primary source of degradation of an asphalt and gravel roof is due to its exposure to sunlight. These create heat which dries the oils from the asphalt and fragile. By becoming more brittle, there is a high probability of cracks appearing in the membrane. If the gravel separates, it is recommended to sweep it, putting back liquid asphalt specially designed for repairs on a roof. Then, it is suggested to reposition the gravel.

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