Ottawa Metal Roof Installation and Repair

There are several possible materials when talking about a metal roof. Available in sheet metal, tile, enamelled steel, copper galvanized steel, painted or the famous “white” metal roof, all these options are interesting and have about all the same qualities. The most noticeable remains in the longevity of the product. A metal roof has a lifespan of up to 50 years. Moreover, the product has evolved well, the profiles are more sought after and the technique of installation has refined and limits more and more the infiltrations.

Metal Roof Commercial Ottawa
Metal Roof Residential Ottawa
Metal Roof installation Residential Ottawa

The white metal roof, an interesting novelty?

There is little talk about the white metal roof model. To increase the durability of your roof, this option should be considered. If the design and style of your home sticks well with this color, throw yourself. Metal for constancy and white color for energy efficiency.


Benefits of a Metal Roof

The advantages of a metal roof are unanimous. Its very long service life and the fact that the roof is 100% recyclable make this type of roof covering a sensible choice. This type of coating requires no maintenance. In addition, metal roofing products offer excellent value for money and add value to the home. This roof is resistant to fire, strong winds. It is ultra light and does not hold the snow in addition to being very rigid. Moreover, the multitude of choice of profiles proposed brings a design side very sought after by professionals, architects and consumers. This type of coating can be repainted and several metal roofs are manufactured in Quebec at 100%.


The disadvantages of a metal roof

Products composed of metals require a large amount of energy to produce, it is probably for this reason that the product is shunned by environmental purists. Its price is high and an inspector’s visit is recommended to check the expansion joints of the metal and ensure that everything is hermetic. The roof may wrinkle or work and it is recommended to install a system to prevent possible falls of snow. Finally, it is noisy during the days of rain or hail.


Maintenance of a metal roof

Vulnerable to corrosion of the air your metal roofing will require very little attention and maintenance. You can repaint it after a few years.


Metal roofing in brief

The prettiest ancestral residences that make up our heritage are covered in metal. Dating back to before the Second World War, metal was greatly used. However, it was requisitioned during the war and other products less charming, but more economical, imposed themselves in the decoration during the following decades.


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