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Roofing contractor doing commercial roofing maintenance in Ottawa
Roofing contractor performing an inspection on a roof
Roofing contractors doing commercial roof maintenance in Ottawa


The roof is the most proven component of a house. It is therefore recommended to periodically review the condition of its asphalt shingles. Do not forget, your roof must face sun, wind, rain, ice and snow.


Nothing equals the warned eye of a professional roofer for such a preventive examination

The most common and obvious problems can also be seen by a person equipped with binoculars or able to climb to the edge of the roof of his house. A visual scan shows whether shingles are broken or protective granules are loose to the point of stripping sections.

If this is the case, do not wait and have the work done by a professional. You will avoid many bad surprises once it is too late.


Signs that there might be a problem with your roof:

Wave shingles or raised legs often result from insufficient or inefficient ventilation of the attic (often mistakenly called the attic), one of the main causes of premature aging of asphalt shingles. The insulation and even the wooden backing of the cover could also have suffered. To breathe properly, a roof must suck in air from the soffits and then expel it through an outlet located as close as possible to its top. For adequate ventilation, the total area of the ventilation openings and their distribution at the bottom and top of the roof must comply with precise construction standards.

In general, any deformation makes the shingles very vulnerable to the action of wind and ice. At the slightest sign worrying, it is therefore wise to get the advice of a roofer.

It is also necessary to examine the flashings, these metal strips ensuring the sealing as at the base of a chimney. Are they still firmly fixed? Did the rust attack them or worse, pierced them? Is the caulking of their joints cracked or loose? A nail, a screw, a little sealant, in short the correction that could seem the most innocuous could prove decisive at the time of a rain urged by strong squalls. It will also be useful to take a look at the chimney to evaluate the stability and, if it is of masonry, the condition of the mortar joints. To check if his hat is in good condition and well attached.

Roof aerators must also be inspected. Their assembly or anchoring must be corrected if they move at the slightest thrust. On the other hand, if the air outlet of a bathroom fan or a range hood is emerging from the roof, it must be ensured that it is free from debris and that its flap closes completely to prevent any infiltration of water, snow or cold air.

Finally, the inspection ends with a look at the gutters for the strength of the fasteners, the tightness of the fittings and the removal of debris accumulated in the slabs and downspouts. A hanger or a rigid spindle will be useful in case of obstruction; The garden hose can complete the cleaning if necessary and prove that the network is clear.

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